tech tickets

Ticket Selection

Over 40,000 support tickets handled.

Tech Tickets is a trouble ticketing, device, and IP management web application. New tickets can be submitted via web or email by an end-user or on behalf of a user. End-users can track status, add comments, uploads files, provide feedback and mark issues resolved.

at a glance

  • Tickets
    Queues allow tickets to be managed by different groups within the service desk. Each ticket can then be assigned to multiple technicians. Technicians can track time spent, attach affected users or devices, and provide updates via comments, files, and email notifications.
  • Email engine
    Email accounts are polled and email body & attachments are brought into the comment stream. Exchange mail headers are used to inform message privacy.
  • Categorization
    Operational and product categories are set on each ticket. Categories can be searched to find related issues or used for reporting purposes. Category management allows additions or subtractions to the category trees.
  • Privileges
    An extensive privilege management system allows assigning fine-grained control for technicians: what support queues or departments can be accessed, control of specific device fields, report access, and more.
  • Custom Fields & Comments 
    Tickets, users, devices, and departments all support custom fields which can be added as needs change. Example fields include device asset tags, department SLA, and backup account names. A comment trail may be added to tickets, users, and devices.
  • Departments & Users
    System departments are matched to “reference groups” available in Active Directory. Tech Tickets automatically populates a system department with the department staff. Tickets can then mapped to each department using a user’s primary department affiliation.

skills & expertise

IMAP, jQuery, MySQL, PHP, smarty