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Student Organizations Landing

2012-13 usage – 1k+ registrations; 1M+ pageviews; 100k+ visitors.

The Student Activities Office Student Organizations web application allowed both undergraduate and graduate student groups to register and update their official record. The site featured drastically improved security, usability, and support improvements over the prior system.

at a glance

  • memcached caches organization data objects and rendered public public
  • sitemap.xml dynamically generated & cached
  • sprited images, js & css minification, gzip encoding, far-future expires headers and employed for quick page load times
  • read-only audit tables record all field changes & organization actions for administrative review
  • contact types can be configured with public or private & required fields including name, email, phone, address, web address, facebook & twitter URLS, and title
  • jQuery with AJAX for display of administrative interface pages
  • 6,000 archive records converted prior to launch

skills & expertise

Google Analytics, jQuery, memcached, MySQL, PHP