Scheduler launched March 2016.

Enables students to build, draft, and visualize semester schedules on the Class Roster 

Released in March 2016, Scheduler was the first major upgrade and enhancement to Class Roster.

at a glance

  • plan a schedule by adding courses, drag/drop sections with view immediate conflict detection
  • quickly show/hide, add/remove courses or copy schedules to work through many options
  • import current enrollment & planner direct from PeopleSoft
  • personal events - Planning to sleep in? Add an event to your schedule and Scheduler will attempt to avoid your conflicts.
  • unique "ghost" system and accurate week based calendar grid allows planning even the most complex meeting patterns and non-regular academic session classes
  • intelligent auto-save and auto-weekend functions
  • share - Send a read-only view of a schedule via social networks or email
  • iCal Download - Export your calendar in a standards complaint format
  • mobile-friendly responsive design

under the covers

  • AngularJS, MongoDB, Symfony, bootstrap, Sass
  • authenticated RESTful API with Angular ng-resource
  • MongoDB aggregation pipeline reports
  • horizontal scaling on Amazon Web Services
  • daemon based job manager