login webcrosses

Several vendor products require “login webcrosses” to enable Cornell authentication. The webcross is typically a combination of a passphrase+hash model, server-side pull, or similar.

I have setup webcrosses for integrations with the National Student Clearinghouse, 3rd Millenium, Maxient (since switched to Shibboleth), University Tickets, two online election vendors (no longer active), and a resource scheduling system.

resource scheduling DLL

A major resource scheduling system at Cornell provides basic hooks for client authentication in a skeleton DLL. I built a custom DLL in C that leverages a middleman hooked into Cornell’s central authentication. When the vendor product needs to authenticate a user, control is passed to the middleman, which does the heavy authN lifting and stores account information in an ephemeral MySQL table which the DLL accesses to complete the loop. User account data is then constructed in an XML format and control through the DLL completes.

skills & expertise

C, curl, hash-sha512, LDAP, MySQL, OpenSSL, XML