ID Card Scan (Swift)

Launching in September 2017 for iOS 11/64-bit support.

All new Swift based native iOS app for ID Card Scan (v2). Connect to a MagTek iDynamo to swipe university id cards via magnetic-stripe or manually enter common university identifiers.

The app is signed and distributed under the Apple Developer Enterprise Program. Upgrades are notified in-app and installs occur on device. Apple Mobile Device Management may also be used.

at a glance

  • supports screens from 4" iPod Touch to the 12.9" iPad Pro, including split-screen
  • manual entry via Cornell ID # or NetID
  • swipe left/right for last scans
  • pull to refresh for event details
  • app updates (required and optional) determined
  • device and events reported via Google Analytics

under the covers

  • Swift 3, targeting iOS 9.3+
  • leverages the MagTek MTSCRA library (adding a bridge header)
  • Alamofire + ObjectMapper