ID Card Scan (v1)

ID Card Scan (iOS)

ID Card Scan (iOS) has been used at more than 4000 events.

Replaced in Fall 2017 by ID Card Scan (v2) and ID Card Scan (Swift)
ID Card Scan allows campus units to scan university identification cards to enforce greek life policies, track attendance, or manage card distribution. The project has 3 components: iOS application, secure API, and a web control panel to manage scanner access, event details, and reporting.

iOS app

The iOS app utilizes the External Accessory framework to connect to a MagTek iDynamo. Track data is read from the card’s magnetic stripe, verified, and RestKit used to serialize requests and results to the API. Authentication occurs via a web view, and a session token retrieved and used for API calls. New projects can be determined server side, and deployed without any need for updating the app. The app checks for version updates and updates can be installed over-the-air via the iOS Enterprise Program.

The app is signed and distributed under the iOS Developer Enterprise Program. Installs & upgrades can be deployed via mobile safari.


Card data is stored in key-value pairs and accessible by the iOS app via a RESTful API with JSON encoded responses. All data is fetched from enterprise systems.  Custom keys can be derived from stored keys and local user function. For example, a PeopleSoft academic level of “4-1″ can be translated to “Senior Status”.

web management

Project administrators and event managers create events and set access to events. Detailed device and event logs are easily accessible for administrative review.