forms management system

Forms - Cornell Days Registration

Since launch, more than 50,000 students have submitted over 300,000 forms.

A powerful forms management system owers more than a dozen forms for departments across the university, including Bursar, Fitness, Admissions, Health Services, University Registrar, and more.

An easy to use interface defines the data model and validation rules to be enforced for each form. Fields can then be placed into an html-based template with simple tags.

at a glance

  • create multi-page forms with dozens of field types without writing a single line of code.
  • multi-tenant support. forms can be grouped together as a “packet” with its own look and feel.
  • define complex server side field requirements.
  • attach custom PHP “triggers” to run on certain form actions like pre-display, display, save, or submit
  • reports to tab, fixed width, csv, or pdf file formats. Reports can be executed via cron job as needed. Certain forms use this to batch signups into external systems.


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