A portfolio of my work and sandbox to experiment with new technologies.

Beginning in September 2017, my portfolio is hosted on S3 and distributed purely by CloudFront. When I want to update my portfolio, I run an Ansible playbook to bring up my Bastion, NAT, EC2 Instance, provision an ALB, and start my RDS instance. Then I update my content, and update my S3 mirror. Stop my EC2, kill ALB, and Route 53 fails back to CloudFront. Saving myself a few bucks/month.

at a glance

  • self-hosted on Amazon Web Services (EC2 + RDS + ELB + Route 53 w/failover). using Ansible for config management
    • on-demand bastion/jump-host
    • private subnet w/NAT
  • Drupal 7
  • static resourcesĀ served from Amazon CloudFront+SSL
  • developed a custom bootstrap subtheme using Sass
  • varnish front end caching
  • high dpi/retina images
  • for custom fonts