Cornell DropBox

More than 1 million files have been sent with Cornell DropBox.

Since I developed Cornell DropBox in 2006, its usage has grown to over 20,000 Cornell & external users per year. Faculty, staff, and students can securely transmit files without resorting to out of band, unencrypted channels. Leveraging the university’s authentication and directory services infrastructure, users do not need a separate login and can send files to other users quickly and easily. In addition, Cornell users can choose to exchanges files with users of any email address.

at a glance

  • adopted university wide with more than 5 years stellar uptime
  • integrated with central authentication and directory services
  • uptime 99.9%+; zero unplanned downtime in 2011
  • level 0/1 support (ITIL) transfered to central IT ServiceDesk
  • transitioned from physical hardware to vm hosted in highest network security tier

skills & expertise

jQuery, MySQL, PHP, smarty