course class interface

CCI Class Edit 1

Class edit is intuitive yet powerful enough to allow both new and seasoned administrators to manage classes with ease.

Course Class Interface (CCI) allows Cornell University’s Office of the University Registrar to manage changes to the course catalog and schedule of classes without granting PeopleSoft access to more than 200 administrative staff. Staff propose changes to the structure of a course or class; preview the changes in a concise before & after summary; then submit a request triggering a complex workflow based on subject and academic session privileges. All changes are accurately modeled in a live sandbox, with powerful reporting possible on the “source/original” or “sandbox/modified” versions. Requests can be cancelled, and immediately removed from the sandbox.

at a glance

  • lead small developer team on architecture, design, and development
  • courses and classes are modeled in MongoDB, including point in time snapshots
  • multi-stage data load process allows terms to be loaded independently
  • user-friendly interface for complex enterprise data 
  • complex validation rules to support business logic and field-level help context