course and time roster

Course and Time Roster

Course and Time Roster, released in 2008, replaced in 2014.

The Course and Time Roster lists university class offerings and is used heavily by students during course enrollment.

at a glance

  • high traffic usage with two cache layers
  • integrated with university’s student data warehouse
  • refreshed daily from the student data warehouse.
  • XML format available for third party vendors
  • an authenticated “validation roster” is available for internal staff prior to enrollment windows


After the university implemented PeopleSoft Student Records in 2008, the delivered options did not meet student needs. In late August 2008 I was tasked to create a new roster. I came up to speed on the PeopleSoft course & class and the student data warehouse. The roster I produced condenses the number of dimension tables necessary and focuses indexes on search, rather than historical data. After its launch, it quickly became the most accessed resource on the Office of the University Registrar’s website. To accommodate high usage and overzealous student-developed crawlers, the roster primes its own cache and the mysql queries were designed to work around some deficiencies of the mysql query cache.