class of

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More than 24,000 incoming students used “Class of” to connect with their peers before arrival.

Discontinued in 2010.

In 2001, I co-created the first Cornell social networking site with another incoming student before our arrival on campus. The project was adopted by the university, and I was hired as a student employee to develop them. Each year from 2002 until 2010, a social site was created for the incoming undergraduate class.

at a glance

  • early entrant into social networking arena
  • used by 96% of the freshmen class
  • despite competition from Facebook, more than 91% of students participated on the site in 2008
  • “Class of” became a test bed for new technologies that one might not otherwise want to use on business critical applications


Over the years, “Class of” included many different features, some of the most popular included:

  • Student Profiles – Browse fellow students by broad categories: college, major, pre-med, international
  • Hall Mates – Browse students grouped and displayed based on the layout of the residence halls
  • Photos & Albums – Photo sharing, including albums, resizing, and cropping
  • Q&A – 60+ upper-level students volunteered each year to answer thousands of questions
  • Student Organizations – Nearly 900 registered student organizations created promotions to advertise information about their group.
  • Forums & Chats – Message board style discussions as well as regularly scheduled chats
  • Guides – A home-grown content management system, including content on Ithaca & campus, academics, eating on campus, etc.
  • Before & After – Last year’s incoming class share their new student experience with the next class by answering questions before and after their arrival.