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Class Roster launched October 2014.
Class Roster launched October 2014.

The Class Roster,, is Cornell University’s schedule of classes available to both prospective and enrolled students, staff, and faculty. It uses Symfony components including my work on SASCommonBundle.

In March 2016, Scheduler was introduced allowing students to build their class schedule.

at a glance

  • responsive web app, using Bootstrap for administrative settings
  • course and class data structured modeled in MongoDB
  • deployed on Amazon Web Services - multiple app servers behind an ELB with R53 failover, MongoDB and RDS (MySQL)
  • RESTful API using custom Symfony Serializer and Normalizer
  • initial visual design completed by third-party dedicated designer
  • dedicated application servers behind Load Balancer
  • more than 1M page views in first month
  • extensive custom Google Analytics integration – custom events, dimension, and metrics
  • Open Graph meta tags with for social integration



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