central syllabi

Allows university faculty to publish syllabi for their classes to Class Roster enabling students to browse course syllabi before enrolling in classes.

Released in June 2017, Central Syllabi was the second major upgrade and enhancement to Class Roster.

at a glance

  • faculty attach and upload syllabi for their classes
  • archive functionality that automatically restricts view permission over time
  • syllabi content indexed enabling students to search within syllabi
  • numerous report options including point-in-time participation
  • optional email notificatons when new syllabi are published
  • batch upload support for department power users
  • integration support for colleges to consume private API

under the covers

  • syllabi and report results are stored on Amazon S3 (AES256); content is delivered using CloudFront signed urls
  • content search using Elasticsearch 5.x on ECS
  • notifications published to Amazon SNS and processed via long-polling SQS; dead letter queue for unhandlable messages
  • extensive MongoDB aggregation pipeline use for reports
  • email notification delivery via Amazon SES (api, not smtp)
  • monitoring of system via CloudWatch
  • virus scan with ClamAV on ECS
  • AngularJS, MongoDB, and much more

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